currant creative


currant magazine showcases works from creatives worldwide

works are selected on aesthetic and editorial alignment

we welcome submissions from creative talents across all disciplines

from photographers, filmmakers, digital artists, stylists, writers, poets, illustrators, designers, musicians, architects, or other artists in the creative industry

send us your work to

theme print n°1

for our first printed issue, to be released on 7 April, we're focusing on the themes:




if you are working on an editorial fitting the above themes, let us know at

open call online

for our online editorials, we hold an open call throughout the year

send us your submissions to


images and visual files are in .JPEG .GIF .PNG .SVG .MP4 .MOV .JSON

preferably 300 dpi or higher and

always provide us with a list of the artistic team for credits

works don't have to be new and exclusive — they just have to fit the theme call

currant creative

currant magazine aims to connect a community for creatives worldwide

we believe in co-creation to tell stories of the world of the present day

to be part of currant creative, simply send us an email at

for work proposals, questions about upcoming themes, pull letters or other creative inquiries, send us an email to

creative space

if you're looking for space to do a currant magazine shoot, we'd love to accommodate where we can

simply shoot us an email at and we'll see what we can do

our studio space is equipped with backdrops and large windows for extra light

currantly seeking

photographer based in Los Angeles for interview shoots

photographer based in London for interview shoots

intern for 2021 Q2/Q3

send an email with your resume and portfolio to