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We are dedicated to celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship of fashion, art, and design. With a keen eye for creativity and a passion for storytelling, our magazine curates compelling content that explores the intersection of these disciplines. Through our thoughtfully crafted articles, stunning visuals, and engaging features, we aim to inspire and captivate our readers, inviting them into a world of aesthetic exploration and cultural appreciation.

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With our bookazine, we beautifully merge the timeless allure of books with the contemporary relevance and dynamic nature of magazines, offering a curated experience that transcends time and allows readers to immerse themselves in the captivating narratives and visual splendour of each issue. Embracing the art of magazine making, every page is a canvas for creativity and stories and every issue is a masterpiece that unfolds with passion, precision and an unwavering commitment to showcasing the artistry that permeate our world.

our team

Currant Magazine is founded by creative director and visual artist Igrien Liu. Being the first bicultural magazine publisher in the Netherlands, we aim to establish a new contemporary voice and vision in the magazine landscape.

our studio

Currant Magazine is published by creative studio Random Productions based in Amsterdam. With years of experience as a creative production studio under our belt, we're connected with creative artists worldwide, ranging from photographers, videographers, illustrators, graphic designers, fashion and art researchers, makeup artists and more.

our upcoming issue

The Fashion Issue (n°5 — the anniversary issue)
Release date: 16 October
Format: hardcopy bookazine
Pages: 240
Copies: 12.000 printed copies
Sales: the Netherlands, Europe, international

our readers

Our readers are contemporary individuals who appreciate the finer things in life and engage in meaningful dialogues that transcend the surface. They are curious, discerning, and seek inspiration from the realms of fashion, art, and design. Whether they are fashion enthusiasts, art lovers, or design aficionados, our audience shares a deep appreciation for creativity, innovation, and the power of visual expression. They embrace the intersection of different art forms and find inspiration in in-depth stories and intellectual narratives that shape our cultural landscape.

our online readers

Unique visits: 68.000 per month on average
Page views: 320.000 per month on average
Target: modern women and men
Target segment: high-end
Target age: 25-34 (39%), 35-44 (38%), 18-24 (23%)
Target geography: the Netherlands (59%), Europe (22%), international (19%)
Bounce rate: 21%
Reading time: 1.52 minutes per visit on average
Return visit: 3,8 times per month on average

our book sales

Issue 1: sold out in a month
Issue 2: sold out in a month
Issue 3: sold out in a month
Issue 4: sold out in a month
Issue 5: 12.000 copies (October '23)
Sales geography: the Netherlands 62%, Europe 28%, international 10%

our partnerships

We believe in the power of collaboration and the value of meaningful partnerships. Through our partnerships, we strive to create authentic and compelling content that resonates with our readers and reflects the spirit of our magazine.

We offer a range of partnership opportunities, from editorial features to sponsored content, allowing brands to engage with our discerning audience in an engaging and impactful way. Together, we shape narratives, ignite conversations, and create lasting connections within the vibrant world of fashion, art, and design.


The most impactful advertising lies in the power of meaningful stories and engaging conversations. Today's consumers seek more than just promotional messages – they crave authentic and immersive experiences that resonate with their values and transcend traditional advertising.

That's why we offer unique advertorial opportunities that seamlessly blend your brand's message with our captivating storytelling, creating a symbiotic relationship that captivates our audience and drives meaningful connections.

We work closely with renowned artists, designers, and creative professionals who align with our vision and ethos.  

We have advertorial partnerships available for our upcoming book, The Fashion Issue (launch October '23), starting at EUR 800 per page.

Advertorial examples:
example fashion 1, example fashion 2
example beauty 1, example beauty 2
example travel
example home


We accept gifted partnerships for online for:
The Covets (fashion and beauty)
The Life (travel, food and experience)

We also accept gifted partnerships for our editor-in-chief and creative director Igrien Liu, for online for:
Editor's Notes/Picks
Igrien's personal Instagram channel


Gifts, partnership products and invites can be sent to:
Currant Creative
Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1
1056 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands (for track and trace) (for personal gifts and invites)


All partnerships are accepted based on brand and aesthetic alignment. Contact our Partnership Coordinator Michèle today at to explore the possibilities of partnering with Currant.

our schedule


Our biannual bookazine comes out in April and October. Our upcoming print is titled The Fashion Issue (issue n°5) and will be released in October '23.


Our monthly The Covets segment:
7 August: The Classics Edit
4 September: The Fashion Edit
9 October: The Fall Edit
6 November: The Skin Edit
4 December: The Holiday Edit

editor's notes & picks

Our editor's notes and editor's picks are shared every week and month by our editor-in-chief and creative director Igrien Liu, here and on her personal Instagram channel.

Special occasions:
3 September: 5 year wedding anniversary
20 November: baby travel essentials
1 December: a winter in Hong Kong
20 December: the holidays

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