Silent Night
Silent Night
This year though

This year has been a strange one to say the least. Looking back at last year's holiday season, I can't help but despair over the contrast with last year's. When we were sitting by the fire place with our loved ones, cheering, laughing, living life to the fullest and wishing each other the best for the new year. Fast foward to now — not having a clue at how to spend the holidays without our loved ones, making an attempt to host virtual Christmas parties and trying to entertain yourself with a game of poker (which you play by yourself and win yourself). Honestly, this year is going to be different. And why not let all things loose for a bit. Let me tell you what to do.

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In the photo above: from Chanel's holiday collection, Rouge Allure in Rouge d'Or and Le Vernis in Chaîne d'Or

A guide to survive the holiday season this year

First off, if anyone tries to make things sober this year, pretend you don't hear them. Unless they have a reason to be sober, they don't get the let's-be-sober-this-season card from you. No. You're going to dress up all fancy schmancy. You're going to don your favorite Maticevski dress, your glittery Jimmy Choo pumps and your new YSL clutch (which you bought right before the pandemic started..).

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In the photo above, left: Les Chaînes de Chanel illuminating blush and Rouge Allure. In the photo above, right: Les Chaînes de Chanel illuminating blush and Ombre Première

Second, you are going to go all glam on your makeup. Hey, you're not about to let a year go by without wearing a full on glammy makeup look. Especially not with Chanel coming out with a shimmery red lipstick or Charlotte Tilbury with their ever-so-sparkly Dazzling Diamonds palette. These are this season's absolute musts (according to yours truly).

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Third, you will not have any gloomy souls around you. You will be the host of this year's virtual gatherings. You will set the dates, make sure everyone attends (and double-check) and make sure everyone has their secret Santa sent before the festive chaos hits at the post office. As every good host is, you will provide the essential holiday gift pack for the year 2020 — full of hand sanitizers, moisturizers and such and have it sent ahead of schedule to get the vibe going.

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In the photo above, left: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Couture. In the photo above, right: Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette of Pops in Dazzling Diamonds

Fourth, you make sure you have your holiday feast prepared. Even though no one will taste your delicious homemade trifle this year or your perfectly filled jiao zi dumplings, that doesn't mean you can't make them just for yourself this year. Prepare the most elaborate feast you've always wanted to prepare, free of diet restrictions and whatnots. And go all out with whatever you have always wanted to eat.

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In the photo above: Giorgio Armani Sì Passione perfume, Molton Brown Juniper Jazz body lotion, NARS Climax and Climax Extreme mascara and Shiseido ModernMatte in Cocktail Hour

Last but not least, enjoy the holidays. For even (or especially) in tough times, do we have to show what we're made of. Years from now, we'll remember this time as trying and tough. And we'll laugh at the many inconvenient adjustments we've had to make to our lives. Until then, we have to live it. And we better make the most of it.

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