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Currant Magazine is pleased to announce the third issue, titled Fantastic. In this issue, we examine the shifts and pivots in this post pandemic era.
Featured artists include:
Carin Verbruggen, Michael Oliver Love, Romain Laprade, Laurel Johannesson, Wendelien Daan, Julia Muller, Tobias Nicolai, Mihael Milunovic, Hugo Goudswaard, Thirza Schaap, Fernando Gomez, Nancy Schoenmakers, Ulrich Hartmann, Oumayma Ben Tanfous, Lotte Bruning, Mikah de Wolf, Martijn Senders

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Currant Magazine issue N°Thrive

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If I could choose one word to describe where we are at the moment, it’s relief. The feeling that, after a strenuous long pandemic, we can finally...
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Fauve Bouwman Currant Magazine Stieglitz
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Paulo Abreu Currant Magazine

an interview with: paulo abreu

Currant Magazine Hugo Goudswaard

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Hermès Spring Beauty
Plein Air Collection
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Currant Magazine Ruud Janssen
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A futuristic fairytale

Martijn Senders for Currant Magazine
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Martijn Senders for Currant Magazine

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