currant magazine

currant magazine is aimed at documenting the current zeitgeist and

analysing the emotions and shifts that mark our present time

what's in a name

the name currant comes from

current — the tide, the shift, the flow

courant — the journal, the newspaper, the record

currant — grapes and berries, sweet and tart varying at random


"We live in a time where we are continuously being overtaken by issues by

the day, hour or minute. With Currant Magazine, we aim to tell

the stories of our time, in a way that focuses more on the now rather than on future forecasts.

We analyse the emotional shifts of our time and seek to find meaning behind trends, style and aesthetics.

Online and in print, we strive to be immersive and impactful,

and like to challenge the traditional norms of storytelling any way we can."

— Igrien


currant magazine is an online platform and print magazine

we publish online weekly and in print biannually in May and November


currant magazine is currently available at:


MENDO books

Athenaeum bookstores

and in the currant shop


creative director and editor-in-chief

Igrien Liu

press and partnership coordinator

Michèle Martin

creative and editorial coordinator

Emma Levay

behind the magazine

currant magazine is published and produced by random studio

a creative studio aimed at establishing impactful narratives and illusory storytelling

currant magazine collaborates with the red blue collective

a non profit organisation aimed at establishing inclusivity and diversity in the creative industry