about currant...

how we roll

currant magazine is about appreciating a life of style

whilst seeking a conscious and purposeful way of life

what we do

we analyse the shifts and emotions that mark our present time

and cover thought-provoking and inspiring stories relating to these shifts and emotions

what's in a name

the name currant comes from

current — the tide, the shift, the flow

courant — the journal, the newspaper, the record

our vision

"I want to break free from the traditional mould of magazine making.

Having impactful and artistic stories as the driving force instead of advertising.

Offering a place for icons as well as emerging talents.

Covering the whys, the hows and the whos instead of the whats.

And in the end — encouraging a conscious and purposeful way of life."

— Igrien (editor-in-chief)

our publications

online we are an immersive and elevated magazine platform

offline we are a biannual 240-paged coffee table book, published in April and October

our stockists

currant magazine is currently available at:


MENDO books

Athenaeum bookstores

and in The Currant Shop

our team

creative director and editor-in-chief

Igrien Liu

press and partnership coordinator

Michèle Martin

creative coordinator

Emma Levay

editorial coordinator

Jacob Lee

and a network of 500 creative artists worldwide

behind our magazine

currant magazine is an initiative of the red blue collective

a non profit organisation aimed at establishing inclusivity and diversity in the creative industry

offering a platform for uncompromising visionaries and storytellers

to get inspired, challenged and ultimately, amazed

currant magazine is produced by random

a creative studio aimed at establishing impactful narratives and illusory storytelling