3D Designs: Reimagining Realism

Contributor: Rosalie

3D image design is a growing art form where realistic images are created through 3D rendering. There's a growing number of artists specializing in 3D designs currently and they're offering a new way of designing and shaping images. We're showcasing the 3D design studios you should know about.

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Six N. Five

Six N. Five is a contemporary design studio based in Barcelona, founded by Ezequiel Pini. Their works have appeared in advertising, editorials and videos. Their aesthetic is clean, modern and refined.

Studio Brasch

Studio Brasch is a creative studio founded by Anders Brasch-Willumsen. Their aesthetic can be defined as modern, clean and sleek.

MUE Studio

MUE Studio is an image production studio based in New York, founded by Minjin Kang and Mijoo Kim. Their images are a work of art, combining contemporary 3D designs with a hint of surrealism.

Christina La Porta

Based in Milan, Christina creates 3D images that showcase her background in fine arts and interior design. Her style is elegant, feminine and modern.

Rebecca Lee

Based in New York, Rebecca Lee renders 3D designs in a colorful and sleek visual signature.

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