"We started by discarding the usual silhouettes of couture. I wanted to take pieces that aren’t “supposed” to be shown in this context—pants, for example; a bomber jacket—and invite people to see them anew. The techniques, too, are unexpected: a pair of blouson leather pants has an elastic waist; a pair of denim jeans is reimagined in stone washed silk duchess and embellished with dangling gold padlocks. The fabrics are equally inventive and disruptive: along with overdyed silk faille, molded leather, and crisp dry hand taffeta, there’s also silk-velvet bonded to neoprene, and a column gown draped in sinuous silk jersey."
Daniel Roseberry

In his two-year time at Schiaparelli, Daniel Roseberry has been making a lot of headlines already. And the Haute Couture SS21 collection is another feat that will mark Roseberry as one of fashion's visionary and talented designers at the moment. The collection was presented digitally over Couture Week and can be described as magical, playful and daring — couture at its best in our opinion.

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