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If you're having trouble with your order, you want to put in a special order or you have other inquiries about ordering from The Currant Shop, please send us an email at and we'll get back to you right away!


We don't do advertising the traditional way (paid banners/ads).

Instead we'd rather take our readers through stories that are relevant to our time. For this, we produce our own stories, adding value to the world.

If you're a brand and you would like to see if your story coincides with ours, simply contact Michèle at


For submissions of photography, styling, graphic design, design, film directing, poetry, short stories, short films, illustrations, digital art, music or other creative works telling a story, you can fill in our subscription form and we'll get back to you within a week


For inquiries about editorial pull letters, our editorial calendar, use of images and other editorial inquiries, you can contact Emma at


We're always on the lookout for artists and designers in the industry who are contributing to a better world. If you'd like to pitch someone or yourself, simply contact Jacob at


For all other inquiries or for just saying hi (which we love, but please don't spam us — we're nice people), send us a note at

We are a small and independent organisation so please allow for a couple of business days for our response! Thank you!

the currant shop
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