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FAQ — shop

Where can I buy Currant Magazine?
You can buy all issues in our online shop, The Currant Shop.

Currant Magazine used to be sold in selected book stores. Why can't I find it now?
We were available in selected book stores for our first four issues but will now be selling exclusively in The Currant Shop. Selling in our shop allows us the ability to offer the elevated magazine shopping experience that we cannot offer in book stores.

I have a question about my order; who do I contact?
You can contact our shop at

FAQ — Submissions

How are submissions selected?
Submissions are selected at the end of each call based on artistic value, storytelling and overall mood. You can be a renowned professional or a student with an amazing vision — just make your story stand out.

Do you issue styling pull letters for a submission?
We do, however only for stylists who have been published with us before.

I have a question about submitting; who do I contact?
For all creative questions, you can contact Emma at

FAQ — editorial

I have an editorial question or interview pitch; who do I contact?
You can contact Jacob at

faq — partnerships

Do you accept gifting?
We do, however only if it's brand or aesthetically aligned.

I have a question about partnerships; who do I contact?
For inquiries about advertising, advertorials, gifting or other partnership opportunities, please contact Michèle at

faq — vacancies

Are there any job vacancies at the moment?
We don't have any fulltime job vacancies at the moment. However, we are always looking for production assistance. If you're interested, keep an eye on our Instagram for production calls.

I am a student, looking to get my name published. Do you accept guided student submissions in photography, journalism, styling or graphic design?
We do; simply send your CV, an introduction about yourself and the concept you'd like to work on to Emma at and we'll get back to you if we're interested.

faq — students

Do you have a special price for Currant Magazine copies for students?
We do! We offer a 50% discount for students in photography, styling, fashion and design related studies. Simply send us an email to with a copy of your student card, the issue you want and we'll send you a discount code that you can add to the shopping check-out.

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