Currant Magazine is a platform for artists in photography, fashion, styling, videography, illustration, writing, poetry and other creative fields. We strive to create a space for artists (established as well as emerging) to showcase works with creative freedom. Submissions have to relate to or be an interpretation of the theme — but overall, let your imagination run wild.

Issue n°5 — the fashion issue

For Issue N°5, we want to dive into the world of (high) fashion. We invite you to explore the captivating world of fashion, where we aim to highlight the aesthetics of fashion design, the power of shapes, textures and colours, the artistry of craftsmanship and the transformative power of self-expression.

Issue N°5 will be our fifth issue and hence we are turning it into an anniversary issue — if you ever thought about submitting, now is the time!

Photography submissions

For photography, we're looking for interpretations on peak fashion photography. Think The Golden Age, when iconic fashion photographers like Avedon, Penn and Beaton rose to fame. Or the Swinging Sixties, with visionary photography from Newton, Baily and Donovan. Or the Digital Revolution, with photographers like Testino, Walker and Meisel embracing digital possibilities.

Show us your peak fashion photography series.

Photography submissions should be in 300dpi TIFF.
We publish in spreads of 8, 10 or 12 pages, but advise that you send more images so we have more room to select the images that fit the book best.

We want to know what the story is of your submission and what triggered you to create the story. So send in a title & an explanation of the story.

For artists who have already been published with us before, we also provide pull letters.

For Issue N°5, we are looking for 12 fashion and beauty photography series.

For Issue N°5 we are also welcoming graphic design suggestions for your spread, to allow you with even more creativity for your story. So if you want to propose the design for your spread as well with a graphic designer (or by yourself), send in your submission including a pdf file and the used fonts.

commercial photography submissions

Do you have a commercial series you've shot for a brand that you think deserves some artistic love as well?

We understand that commercial projects may sometimes involve certain constraints that limit the creative and artistic choices. However, we believe that even within these parameters, there is always an opportunity for the artist's unique vision and artistic side to shine.

For the first time, we encourage photographers to submit their commercial work that showcases their ability to bring a distinct aesthetic, innovative approach, and storytelling elements to their projects.

AI submissions

For the first time, we will welcome AI submissions. For AI visuals, we're looking for a story and what you looked for in your prompts. Show us your creative direction and what story you wish to convey.

AI-generated submissions have to be in 300dpi TIFF as well and will follow the above guidelines for photography submissions.

Other visual submissions

Other visual submissions may include illustrations, digital collages, paintings or works of other visual fields.

To make sure that we can print it, all visual submissions should be in 300dpi TIFF. We publish in spreads of 6 pages but welcome more visuals so we have more room to select the best images for the book.

We want to know what the story is of your submission and what triggered you to create the story. So send in a title & an explanation of the story.

Fashion journalism submissions

The world is changing at an immensely fast pace. After life-changing events such as the pandemic, the war, the economic recession, the rise of digital fashion and AI, we wonder what the meaning of fashion is in today's world. Ultimately, what is fashion? How does self expression come into play? How will digital change fashion? Despite the circular trend in fashion, why is high fashion still booming? And what direction is the future of fashion going?

We encourage you to share vision, story, anecdotes and essays that highlight your love for fashion.

Poetry submissions

Currant Magazine publishes a number of poetry submissions as well.

For our poetry submissions, we mostly look for haikus or short form poetries no longer than 16 lines.

Short film submissions

For our online publications, we have an open short film submission. It could be a short film accompanying a photography submission or a standalone short film. We welcome short films in all categories, ranging from fashion, to fantasy, romance, horror or sci-fi.

We want to know what the story is of your submission and what triggered you to create the story. So send in a title & an explanation of the story.

Most importantly...

The deadline for Issue N°5 is Friday 1 September '23. If your submission has been accepted, we will let you know on Monday 11 September.

For all submissions, please fill in the form below. We love completed forms so please fill in as complete as possible.

Because storytelling is at the core for our books, don't forget to explain the concept or story behind your submission. The text won't be published but it gives us an idea of where you're coming from.

If you are hesitant about your submission, you can send your concept or mood board to our creative coordinator Emma an email at to see your chances of getting published.

All accepted submissions for print, will also be published online. For each accepted submission, we send one copy of the book to the submitting artist when the print comes out and the e-book for the rest of the team.

Works submitted should be exclusive to Currant but may also be commercial works that fit the theme.

Thank you —

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