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book n°24

Our upcoming book N°24 will be released November 1. It will be a 360-paged hardcopy book that will be sold and distributed worldwide, through our online shop, museum stores, book stores and retailers.

The theme of this book will be womanhood, celebrating its myriad dimensions with fervor and respect. Our theme delves deep into the realms of empowerment, inviting narratives that shine a spotlight on the strength, resilience, and triumphs of women worldwide. Through the female gaze, we aim to capture the authenticity and diversity of experiences, challenging stereotypes and amplifying voices often marginalized. Womanhood, to us, embodies the beauty of the body, unapologetically embracing its curves, scars, and stories etched upon its canvas. From the profound journey of motherhood to the intricate tapestry of gender identity, our pages serve as a sanctuary for exploration, understanding, and empowerment, fostering a community where every woman's story finds its rightful place.

Join us as we unravel the layers of womanhood, painting a vibrant mosaic of empowerment and solidarity.

We will be looking at brand and aesthetic alignment with Currant and relevancy of your story in our current time.

For more information, contact us here.

fashion / beauty photography

Submit your fashion or beauty photography series.

Photography submissions should be in 300dpi TIFF.
We publish in spreads of even numbers, but we always advise to send more so we have room to select.

To accompany the series, also send:
- a title you have in mind
- the concept of the series or thought behind it in 3/4 sentences and how it relates to the theme
- the artistic team credits (with Instagram handles)
- the styling credits
- a quote about the day of shooting (optional)

For artists who have already been published with us before, we provide pull letters. Simply contact us here.

commercial photography

Do you have a commercial series you've shot for a brand that you think deserves some artistic love as well?

We understand that commercial projects may sometimes involve certain constraints that limit the creative and artistic choices. However, we believe that even within these parameters, there is always an opportunity for the artist's unique vision and artistic side to shine.

We encourage photographers to submit their commercial work that showcases their ability to bring a distinct aesthetic, innovative approach, and storytelling elements to their projects.

Follow the guidelines for photography submissions.

Short films

For our online publications, we have an open short film submission. It could be a short film accompanying a photography submission or a standalone short film. For us it's important that the short film has a tie with fashion, art or beauty.

To accompany the short, also send:
- the title
- the concept of the short or thought behind it and how it relates to the theme
- the artistic team credits (with Instagram handles)
- the styling credits
- a quote about the day of shooting (optional)

Fashion journalism

The world is changing at an immensely fast pace. After life-changing events such as the pandemic, the war, the economic recession, the rise of digital fashion and AI, we wonder what the meaning of fashion is in today's world. Ultimately, what is fashion? How does self expression come into play? How will digital change fashion? Despite the circular trend in fashion, why is high fashion still booming? And what direction is the future of fashion going?

To accompany your piece, also send:
- a title you have in mind
- the thought behind writing it and how it relates to the theme

If you'd like to discuss your piece beforehand with us, send us an email here.

Most importantly!

For all submissions, please fill in the form below.

Storytelling is at the core for our books, so don't forget to explain the concept or story behind your submission. The text won't be published but it gives us an idea of where you're coming from.

If you are hesitant about your submission, you can send your concept or mood board to our creative coordinator Emma an email at to see your chances of getting published.

For every series that gets published in print, we are able to send one copy of the book to the submitting artist when the print comes out.

Works submitted should be exclusive to Currant.

Good luck!

Thank you —

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