The Water Edit for Summer 2023

Discover the must-have summer beauty essentials for a refreshing and rejuvenating season. Dive into our curated collection featuring water-based skincare, hydrating mists, and sun-kissed makeup. Get ready to make waves with these must-haves perfect for a cool and vibrant summer glow.


Indulge in the latest Chanel eye cream, a luxurious blend of hydrating ingredients that leaves your skin glowing with a radiant summer sheen. Chanel continues its microfluidics journey in 2023 with the launch of the Hydra Beauty Micro Eye Cream, the first hydrating eye cream utilizing micro-fluidic technology. This innovative formula strengthens the skin barrier, combats moisture loss, reduces signs of fatigue, and leaves the skin radiant. With the power of micro-droplets encapsulating white camellias, it offers 24-hour hydration, decreased appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags, increased luminosity, and a refreshing sensory experience.


Complete your look with the captivating new Chanel nail polish, offering vibrant shades inspired by the sun-kissed hues of the season. For spring 2023, Chanel unveils its 24-hue Le Vernis range, featuring 17 new nail polish shades, celebrating color as a means of self-expression. The Makeup Creation Studio has curated a diverse collection that caters to every mood and emotion, showcasing vibrant, soothing, joyful, disruptive, and empowering colors. This limited-edition line invites individuals to embrace their true selves, explore unique combinations, and adorn their nails with iconic House emblems, encouraging creativity and individuality. In this edit: 131 a greyish green and 117 Passe Muraille, a brownish rose.

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Achieve silky-smooth skin with the Shiseido softening lotion, a lightweight and nourishing formula that preps your skin for enhanced absorption of subsequent skincare products. Enhance your skincare routine with a light, dewy skin softener that effectively removes sebum and refines the skin, leaving it fresh, radiant, and ready for further treatment. The exclusive Internal Power Resist technology strengthens and defends the skin, while signature Japanese ingredients offer oil-removing benefits. Dermatologist tested, this softener is ideal for those with oily, normal, or combination skin types, providing oil removal for a smooth and refined complexion.


Boost your skin's resilience and defend against environmental stressors with the Shiseido Ultimune concentrate, a powerful serum that strengthens the skin's natural defenses for a youthful and radiant appearance. The brand's bestselling serum is a powerful culmination of 150 years of Japanese skincare innovation, delivering vital nutrients that visibly reduce signs of aging, enhance hydration, and boost radiance. Now available in a sustainable refill size, it reduces up to 95% less plastic waste and features plant-derived plastic caps and recyclable glass containers.


Experience intense hydration with the latest Shiseido hydrating cream, a luxurious formula that replenishes your skin's moisture barrier for a plump and dewy complexion. Experience the awakening of soft, supple skin with our moisturizing cream enriched with Ginseng Root Extract and our proprietary Hyaluronic Acid that fortifies the skin's barrier. This sensitive skin-friendly formula visibly reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines, while refill pods help reduce plastic waste.


Improve multiple skin aging concerns with our high-performance anti-aging light fluid moisturizer designed for men. Formulated with Rice Bran Technology, it addresses wrinkles, sagging, dullness, roughness, and loss of firmness. This non-sticky, quickly absorbing moisturizer provides 48-hour hydration, visibly improves roughness, and is suitable for normal, oily, and combination skin types. Free of parabens and mineral oil, it is non-comedogenic and dermatologist-tested for your peace of mind.


Discover the perfect solution for men's skincare needs with the Shiseido men's cream, a multitasking moisturizer that soothes, hydrates, and revitalizes the skin, leaving it looking fresh and energized. Address multiple skin aging concerns with our high-performance anti-aging cream specifically formulated for men. Powered by Rice Bran Technology, it targets wrinkles, sagging, dullness, roughness, and loss of firmness. This non-sticky cream provides hydration, visibly improves roughness, and is ideal for normal to dry skin types.

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Indulge in the essence of summer with the latest Tom Ford Soleil de Feu perfume, a captivating fragrance that captures the sun-drenched warmth and luminosity of sandy beaches, offering a sensorial journey of citrus, floral, and amber notes.

Tom Ford drew inspiration from vibrant sunsets setting the sea ablaze to create its latest eau de parfum, Soleil De Feu. This fragrance captures the creativity of those fiery moments, blending tuberose, sandalwood, and benzoin to produce warm and spicy notes that delicately linger on the skin, reminiscent of a summer breeze. Soleil De Feu brings a breath of summer air infused with the beauty and allure of colorful sunsets.

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Shield and nourish your delicate facial skin with the latest Marie-Stella-Maris sun protection face cream, a lightweight and non-greasy formula that provides broad-spectrum UV protection while keeping your skin hydrated and radiant. This SPF 30 sunscreen is specifically designed for the face and is suitable for normal to sensitive (including children's) skin. Its natural and effective formula incorporates non-nano zinc oxide to shield the skin from UV rays and blue light emitted by mobile phones and computer screens. Enriched with golden seaweed and sea algae, this coral-friendly sunscreen enhances skin hydration, combats premature aging, and offers water resistance without leaving a white residue, while the Voyage Vétiver fragrance creates an instant holiday-like ambiance.


Keep your body protected and moisturized under the sun with the Marie-Stella-Maris sun protection body cream, a luxurious and fast-absorbing sunscreen that safeguards your skin from harmful rays and leaves it feeling velvety smooth. This SPF 30 sunscreen is specially formulated for normal to sensitive (including children's) skin, providing effective protection against the sun's UV rays. It features a natural and coral-friendly formula that utilizes non-nano zinc oxide, along with golden seaweed and sea algae, to enhance skin hydration and combat premature aging. With a non-sticky texture, water resistance, and the refreshing Voyage Vétiver fragrance, this sunscreen offers high-level protection while immersing you in a holiday-like atmosphere.


Experience instant absorption and long-lasting hydration with this dry body oil that leaves a soothing, non-greasy finish. Enriched with golden seaweed, sweet almond oil, and upcycled prickly pear oil, known for their repairing and moisturizing properties, this formula effectively nourishes and softens the skin. Whether used to calm the skin post-sun exposure or to achieve a silky glow, the subtle fragrance of Voyage Vétiver adds a touch of freshness and relaxation to your experience.


Reveal smooth and radiant legs with this deep-cleansing salt scrub infused with natural exfoliating sea salt from Zeeland, Netherlands, and upcycled calcite granules. These gentle exfoliants effectively remove dead skin cells, promoting a more even tan. Enriched with hemp seed oil, renowned for its omega fatty acids, the formula strengthens and moisturizes, leaving your skin soft and comfortable. The refreshing fragrance of Voyage Vétiver, featuring sea salt, sage, and vetiver notes, instantly transports you to a holiday mood.

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Illuminate your complexion with the latest Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm in Lovegasm palette, a stunning collection of radiant blush, bronzer, and highlighter shades that create a gorgeous, lit-from-within glow for a summer-ready look. This magical joy filter is designed to illuminate your skin from every angle, with four glowing shades including a soft champagne highlight, illuminating glow, rosy blush, and neutral cocoa bronzer to enhance every skin tone and create a radiant, magical makeup look. The lustrous pearl pigments, brightening glow gel, and smoothing polymers in this palette deliver a lit-from-within glow and a dreamy rainbow-effect finish, leaving your face happy and beautifully illuminated.


Adorn your lips in a magical veil of jewels with Charlotte Tilbury's limited edition Jewel Lips in Pinkgasm, available exclusively on This easy-to-apply diamond gloss delivers a dazzling and delightful plump-effect to your lips, with a suits-all pearlescent pink shade inspired by the Pinkgasm Beauty Light Wand. Experience love-glazed lips that are illuminated and hydrated in just one swipe, lasting for up to 7 hours, while feeling caring, comfortable, and beautifully glossy.


Discover Charlotte's new skincare innovation: the Magic Hydrator mist inspired by the restorative power of oxygen treatment. This magic mist provides a radiant, hydrating effect and helps achieve smoother, younger-looking skin with its ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid Matrix, Niacinamide, and Japanese Kombu extract. Additionally, the mist also offers protection against pollution. The best way to use it is to hold the mist 15 to 20 cm away and spray the mist over the entire face, keeping your eyes closed. Do this in the morning and evening before applying your Magic Skincare Routine. Continue spraying throughout the day for an instant boost to your skin.

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Experience the elegance and delicacy of L'Eau d'Issey Pivoine Eau de Toilette Intense, a floral and fruity fragrance for women that captures the purity of water infused with fresh peony blossoms. This radiant scent explores the harmonious interaction between the fluidity of water and the elegant notes of peony, evoking the lightness and colors of a long-awaited spring. With a recomposed peony accord created through innovative techniques and ethically sourced natural ingredients, this fragrance unveils a luminous and airy aura on the skin, complemented by a white raspberry accord that adds a fruity sweetness and a precious cedarwood essence for an elegant finish.


Experience the powerful and woody fragrance of Issey Miyake's L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Vétiver Eau de Toilette Intense, which explores the dynamic interaction between water and spicy woods. This vibrant and addictive scent captures the essence of timeless masculinity, combining the fluidity and freshness of water with the intense notes of vétyver. Encased in a design inspired by the purity of water, the iconic bottle is adorned with a touch of vétyver-inspired color and a unique wooden cap, evoking a sensory connection to nature. At the heart of the fragrance, the aquatic emblem Calone infuses transparency and fluidity into the powerful woody signature, while natural ingredients like Haitian vétyver are enhanced by the innovative biotech ingredient Dreamwood™, a sustainable and vegan alternative to sandalwood. The woody notes of vétyver are further elevated by the sparkling spiciness of ginger and the intensified woodiness of clary sage, creating an ode to the vibrant and raw nature of this captivating scent.

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