Currant Magazine is pleased to announce the third issue, titled Fantastic, a Spring/Summer 2021 magazine book. The 240-paged book is an anthology of photography editorials, poetry and visual stories. Exploring three stages of: post pandemic triggers, digesting and reflecting and rising to fantastical degrees, we examine the currents and emotions that mark our present time.

Book: Issue N°Thrive (sold out)

Product description

Issue N°Thrive is an anthology of stories of our present time.
In 36 chapters, filled with photography, poetry and short stories, we explore the three stages we currently live in: redefining normal, recovery and thrive.

Shipping note

Orders until 24 November will be free of shipping costs for deliveries in the Netherlands.


ISBN/EAN: 9789083158310
Book: hardcover
Pages: 240 on refined bio-degradable paper

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